Lil Angels Aftercare

We provide aftercare for Tableview primary pupils, the children are fetched from school everyday by our teachers and then are walked across to the aftercare facility. We provide them with a cooked lunch after school and a sandwich (snack) at 16:00pm. Each grade has a teacher to supervise and help with homework daily.

Aftercare includes full day care in the school holidays.
We do arrange a holiday program for the children which includes outing and sleepovers and disco parties etc……
Children get taken to school in the morning after breakfast and then collected after school or after sport by the teachers. We are situated next to Tableview Primary, we fetch the children from the school gates and take them to school in the mornings. We open at 06.30am for drop off and breakfast. 

All our class rooms are air-conditioned and there are cameras on the facility as well. 


If your child has sport on after school or any extra lessons, we take them back to school and fetch them after sport for lunch. We provide a cooked lunch, the same as we do at the daycare, juice and sandwiches are also provided.
Homework is done by our teachers for 1 hour a day and after homework the children can swim and play and just have fun in the afternoon until home time. No homework is done on Friday’s, the children don’t ever have homework on a Friday. (Orals and Mondelings are covered by the parents)

Fridays are fun days, they can bring skateboards, tablets, cellphones, games anything they want to bring from home.
Please bring a costume and a towel and a change of clothes to aftercare daily. The children swim everyday during the summer months.
Aftercare bag can be dropped off at aftercare before school in the morning so that they don’t have extra bags to carry around all morning at school.