Lil Angels Daycare

Taking care of children can be quite stressful. Here at Lil Angels Daycare, we provide daycare and educational services for children ages 0 to 6 years to help ease your worries. We offer part-time and full-time childcare in Tableview, Cape Town. Our aim is to create a warm, happy environment that delivers positive learning amongst children.


All our class rooms are air-conditioned and there are cameras on the facility as well.

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Daily Schedule

07:00am – Arrival time
08:30am – Breakfast (Lil angels supply breakfast, parents are welcome to bring their own)
09:00am – Morning Ring
09:30am – Creative and activity time which means all our children are in their class
10:00am – Snack time (each parent must supply a healthy snack, we suggest a yoghurt and fruit or anything your child enjoys)
10:30am – Free play (at this time our extra murals start eg. Soccer Stars, Rugby)
11:00am-12:00pm – All our class will have a turn to play outside with their teachers supervision
12:00pm – Lunch time (cooked lunch every day for our little angels)
12:30pm – Nap time
14:00pm – Snack time
14:30pm – Educational Toys
15:00pm – Story time
15:30pm – Outdoor activity
16:30pm – Prepare for home time
17:00pm-18:00pm – Home time


Monday Daycare
Monday Aftercare
Tuesday Daycare
Tuesday Aftercare
Wednesday Daycare
Wednesday Aftercare
Thursday Daycare
Thursday Aftercare
Friday Daycare
Friday Aftercare
Afternoon Snack
Chicken veg soup with toast
Toasted cheese and tomato or chicken soup
Sausage rolls and chips
Sausage rolls and chips
Tuna or mince pasta bake
Tuna or mince pasta bake
Chicken or Beef veggies stew with rice
Chicken or Beef veggies stew with rice
Hot dogs with tomato sauce
Hot dogs with tomato sauce
Oats, White Porridge, Rice Krispies and Weetbix
Sandwiches with juice